Technology Requirements

Interns must establish and maintain an e-mail address that contains his/her first and last names i.e. . A thumbnail photograph of the Intern MUST be included in the e-mail heading.

It is the responsibility of the Intern to keep his/her e-mail address up to date with the Program Office and with Preceptors.

Intern MUST check e-mail DAILY.

Interns should be comfortable with basic computer skills, such as the ability to utilize a web browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome and be able to send/receive e-mails. The Intern must have knowledge of Microsoft Office components like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher and the ability to upload or download documents and files.

Minimum Hardware / Software Requirements

The Intern MUST:

  • have a computer (Mac or Windows) with at least 128MB RAM (256MB preferred)
  • have 2 thumb drives, one provided by the Program and a second of equal storage capacity
  • have a webcam and headset with earphones and microphone
  • have a printer/scanner
  • be familiar with basic computer skills
  • be connected to the internet
  • have an e-mail program and account
  • have at least a 56 kbps modem (DSL or Broadband Cable recommended)
  • have a Java capable browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari)
  • have an up to date antivirus program

The software commonly used by PNCDDI can be accessed with most of today's desktop or laptop computers - both PC and MAC. High speed Internet connection (DSL/cable) is recommended, especially since you will uploading and downloading files frequently - and some of the file sizes may be large.

  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher) will be required for your required written work. Office 2010 recommended, Office 2007 acceptable.

  Web Browsers:

Mozilla Firefox (for PC or Mac) or Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser (latest version, for PC) or Google Chrome

Safari (latest version, for Mac)

  • Common Plug-in Requirements ("Plug-ins" are free add-ins that allow certain features to function with your browser or application):

Real Media: (be sure to click on "Get It Free") Adobe Flash Player:

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack (for older versions of Microsoft Office): Download

Note regarding e-mail: Spam filters and firewalls may prevent you from receiving messages. Please add the domain “" AND the address "” to your "Safe Sender" list.