How To Apply


Start this process EARLY

PNCDDI Application available NOW. SEE BELOW.

D&D Digital portal is open.

                                   DICAS portal is open.

The four components of a COMPLETE application are:

  1. A PNCDDI APPLICATION with APPLICATION FEE by September 25, 2018. Click HERE for APPLICATION. 
  2. IDENTIFICATION OF FIRST ROTATION and CLINICAL PRECEPTORS by October 22, 2018. (This may be the same person.) Click HERE for FORM
  3. A completed application in DICAS by September 25, 2018.   
  4. A completed registration with D & D Digital: by September 25, 2018. (Scroll down to Massachusetts Internships. Priority Nutrition Care is #577)
View Admission Requirements

Please visit the Admission Requirements page to see our admissions criteria.

View Preceptor Requirements

Please visit the About Preceptors page to see criteria for selecting Preceptors. 

View Rotation Requirements 

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